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Google Adwords – when backed by the right management, messaging, targeting and strategy – could be your strongest asset that helps you convert your click-through traffic into customers. PPC is an important tool for every business big and small – if your customers find your competitors over you, you don’t exist in their minds. While PPC campaigns can be expensive, when you invest time and effort into your Google Adwords management, you get a better return on investment (ROI), eventually saving you money in the long run.

PPC campaigns are a truly powerful tool for any business that is looking to exponentially grow their sales. The catch? There’s a strategic art to getting every Google Adwords campaign just right. Oh sure, you could go with the default recommendations from Google. But these are set up to generate clicks, not drive conversions – which is where many business owners think PPC isn’t worth it. This is where a good partner agency who handles your PPC Management comes in.

Google Ad Campaigns will drastically increase traffic to your website. By working with Pure Tech Digital on your entire ecosystem, you can be sure that you can successfully remarket to  your socials traffic and your website and landing pages convert into paying customers.

Google Ads Management Services

Convert your click-through traffic into customers with an integrated approach to identifying and attracting your ideal client, funnelling, retargeting and nurturing.

$15 - $25 Daily Budget

$499 Sign Up Fee

$99/Week + GST
  • Personal Account Manager
  • No Minimum Terms

$30 - $90 Daily Budget

$499 Sign Up Fee

$199/Week + GST
  • Personal Account Manager
  • No Minimum Terms

$100+ Daily

$1000 Sign Up Fee

$250/Week + GST
  • Growth Package
  • Personal Account Manager
  • No Minimum Terms

10K+ Monthly Budget

15%/Marketing Spend + GST
  • Personal Account Manager